Introduction to Printing

A good friend has introduced me to a printing workshop. For a few precious hours a week in a quiet basement we get covered in smelly inks and chemicals, when we’re not straining our eyes as we scratch into metal. It’s blissful.

Early days, but I think metal may be a good medium for me. I am very much a slave to lines and drawing on metal is not unlike the irreversible nature of ink, only more intimidating. These are my first goes at dry point at a tiny scale–where one simply draws and scratches onto raw metal. The harder you push, the deeper the line, the darker the print. The science of how to apply ink and achieve consistency is a long way off!

These pheasants are from a life study in Will’s kitchen and drawn straight onto Zinc, which is fairly hard. This could do with more depth work in time, but I do like how even the finest lines of the wood grain come through. The mouse is on aluminium, which is beautifully soft; I’m really pleased with it.