Men in Uniform -no cameras miss!

There’s been a fair amount of press attention recently about photographer’s rights and members of the public snapping away… we’re all potential terrorists. Especially those architectural historians. Personally I’m been told off countless times for taking pictures at railways stations, and know one architectural historian put in a cell for half a day while his status was checked, for taking pictures of police stations designed by his grandfather! Central London is tricky territory. Westminster Police are less than happy about lots of photographs when there are guns around and get very suspicious about camcorders. So I thought I’d try and capture the non-photographic in drawings. Here’s some studies from outside Parliament. I would post a drawing of the security men outside Downing Street… except it I was moved on!

As it turns out the police officers in Westminster are incredibly friendly. And good to draw as, inevitably, they tend to stay fairly still. One PC showed me his notebook full of cartoons and revealed he sketched when tucked up in a sentry box by the old hall.

At the MoD they were not only happy to let me sit in the middle of the pavement whilst all sorts of important men in suits went back and forth, but this pair (right) even offered to stay still and pose for me while they had a gossip.

Despite the Downing Street’slots’ gripes, this bunch of policemen were nothing short of charming, I think they like the attention from a young lady. And amongst them were some lovely faces. They seem relaxed, knowing. But their eyes are always busy darting back and forth, scanning and sussing the legions of tourists that pass.