Culture Mouse No.2 The British Museum

I’m interested in the interaction between people and objects, their scale (such as these Persian gate sculptures) or human-characteristics in artefacts (Egyptian mummies, roman sarcophagi). Next visit and I’m here with work in mind. On Wednesday I hop, skip and jump on a Eurostar to Paris to join my friend Emily in studying the hidden secrets of the Sainte Chapelle. So to get in the mood I tried a little drawing in the Medieval galleries. This period is extremely difficult to draw as a) the faces and poses are so much more varied and unique in character than the rather staid expressions of the Renaissance and later art and b) I find myself trying to ‘correct’ or adjust these medieval characters into something I’m more familiar with. It is illustrative art that emphases its point. These statue figures on the right, shown at St Peter’s gate are exquisite in their happiness.  Their elongated fingers accentuate their praying hands, their stretched limbs and aligned feet are gracefully into step towards the greeting saint, their faces are wide-eyed with wonder and gentle smiles as they approach heaven’s door and their promise of eternal salvation.