A tribute to Food

A little personal collection of pictures based on food, which seems to take up an increasingly bigger part of my life these days.  This is an illustration based on sketches of butchers in Smithfield market that I caught early in the morning, they start whilst the rest of us are waking up. Everything’s clean and white so the only colours that really stand out are the meat and flesh on display, in this case a selection of huge hams and Italian salamis.

Elsewhere, some freinds spoiling me with cooking: a steak béarnaise salad in Paris, and two gents preparing a feast of phesants on a trip to Scotland. These last images are a historical record of the hard work and dedication required to create the most incredible breakfast ever made. Muffin, poached egg, fresh Hollandaise, spring onion, asparagus with a slick of butter. Oh yes, a little slightly-blue steak on top.