Following on from my earlier musings on Barbari’s partridges, some of my own studies of dead things. I had intended to draw this hare and bunnies in a game larder as a scene, but I became mesmerised by the hare and dismissed the background.  It might seem a little bit of a morbid hobby, but I would far rather draw beautiful animals dead whenever I can than attempt to use nature photographs. If I could afford it, I’d slowly buy myself a collection of taxidermy so I could draw birds and animals from every angle. Somewhere in the twentieth century society became soft and squishee about seeing dead animals, and yet happy to buy their industrially-abused de-boned unrecognisable remnants in little plastic packets from cold shelves. Odd. These bunnies were eaten shortly after being drawn. Elsewhere, this is a badger skull found in Wiltshire which has since been donated to a school nature table!