Drawings from before my time

Having gone to the Royal Academy to see the Sandby exhibition, I wasn’t massively impressed. But, if you find yourself at the RA anytime soon or at the Summer exhibition, do make a little trip upstairs to the Tennant Gallery to see a little free collection of drawings and prints by Sir Henry Rushbury RA.  I’d not come across him but was blown away by his detailed drawings of buildings in England and abroad. They are intricate recordings of exact time and places, the architecture is accurately captured but never too-tightly drawn and offset but lively street scenes below. There’s a cabinet full of sketch books bursting with loose, superbly-drafted scenes and people. Most impressive are his pictures drawn during the Second World War which include bombed streets and buildings, artillery components being forged in Sheffield, and my own favourite (shown) a warship being constructed in Glasgow. I want to share more images with you but they’re not online, so you’ll just have to go and see for yourself.