Wren & Hawksmoor

I finish my office job shortly and am gearing up for a busy summer of drawing, before starting the Prince’s Drawing School in September. Having the time and opportunity to draw more is daunting but exhilarating, and I’m looking forward to being set, and setting myself, bigger challenges. I’ve been meaning to have a crack at St Paul’s for ages, and move into larger drawings. This one’s on A2, done sitting at the far end of Fleet Street with the traffic going past me on one side and hoards of tourists on the other. Doing a large picture is exhausting, but so satisfying to feel I’ve got all the detail I can in. The perspective is a tad skewed as the right tower veers off: that’s because once I’m in the zone I just draw and keep going at speed, I get so excited about the building’s details they get put down before I give my myself a moment to sit back and plan the picture. Something similar happened at Christ Church in Spitalfields (right), I never intend to fill the page right up to the edges, I just get carried away. I don’t set up perspective lines or plan things, they just unfold as I get intimate with the subject and the anatomy of the architecture becomes clear.