Sugar and egg whites

My ambition is to draw every day. As life gets in the way, it’s not always easy but you can do a lot in ten minutes, or the 7/10/12 minutes it takes to bake macaroons, sorry les macarons, according to a multitude of recipes. This is my friend Naomi, fellow blogger and a very serious sweet-toothed baker, running around her kitchen. We spent five hours, used a dozen egg whites and braved repetitive washing up sessions in our ambitious endeavours, and the results weren’t half bad if rather organic in appearance. I left Na high on sugar and working on until in the evening.

Further afield, this is Maison Bertaux in Soho, perhaps London’s most famous patisserie. My mum would eat cake here as an art student, I think it’s only right I keep on the tradition. The staff are always lovely and seem to know what I’m in the mood for before I do. Here’s the outside drawn from sitting precariously between two cars on the opposite side of the street, before treating myself to a custard eclair.