Return to Spitalfields

A warm welcome to those of you who’ve found me via this Spitalfields Life article. Slightly surreal but very flattering being interviewed about, well, myself! I hope to be tagging along with the gentle author on future excursions. I was lucky enough to live in Hanbury Street, just off the market, in winter. It was freezing cold and I was just starting to get into drawing, and struggled to draw outside for any more than an hour before my hands got too cold. This is a view from the back of the house I lived in, looking over the attics of Georgian houses, built by weavers who used their great silk looms in the large-windowed studios. Now the sun’s out and I’m about to finish the office job I can’t wait to come back here and sit sketching in the little alleys, nooks and corners once walked by generations of immigrants and even Jack the Ripper.