School Days

These are from a day’s drawing in a rather nice public school in west London. Aged around eight, these little boys don’t keep still for a minute, making them infuriating and fun to draw. They were also a lot of fun to be around too. When not concentrating on work or their teachers, they talk utter nonsense to each other and show off, whether comparing the coolness of their pencil cases or discussing Top Gear and cars. Being a private school, the boys are spoilt rotten in facilities and it shows in their talents. Here’s a class in the art room, one boy concentrating on fractions in a maths lesson, answering questions in class. And my favourites: the orchestra (some of these boys are prodigies are Grade 7, incredible) and on the football pitch in their tracksuits, practising control of the ball around cones. The boy in the top right is a goalie, looking genuinely bored and fidgety.