North by Northwest: Islay

It’s been an epic few weeks and a lot of drawings to follow…  Over 500 miles away from home, a pilgrimage to the island of Islay off the west coast of Scotland with two friends who proved to be water and wind-proof and iron men when called to push my battery-blitzed car up a hill. Wild camping led us to pitching by a loch, on a hill above the sea, in a wood, next to a beach, and finally in-between the ruins of Dunivaig Castle and Lagavulin Distillery (more on that later). As the eskimos have dozens of names for snow so I believe the Scottish do for rain and its various misty forms. Hence a selection: views from the ferry (drawn in the wind and rain I might add), in the tent making food, drinking whisky and chilling as the long daylight of Scottish evening faded.