Letter by Letter

Its been shamefully long since last posting, thanks to regulars for being patient! The end of Summer has proved to be both busy and exciting, with trips to foreign shores, a small exhibition lining up and exciting illustration commissions on their way, more news to follow! Sadly I’m realising that I can’t put so many drawings online for lack of time, so from here on in is a pick of the many bunches… for the rest you’ll just have to wait until the show!

But belatedly, a few lovely people who’ve given me a glimpse into their lives. This is Phil Abel, who runs Hand and Eye Press, tucked away under a railway arch in Shadwell. They are the only printers of their kind in London, using only letterpress machines with lead, zinc and wood type for limited edition runs of books and prints. This is Phil hand-setting the type: each letter, punctuation mark and space is laid down in rows and bound together. His bench sits on top of rows and rows of draws of monotype, and more line the walls.