Battle scenes at the British Museum

This is one of three sketches I did of Greek warriors, fascinated by the intensity of the characters despite their relief form. I’m possibly a little infatuated with a new phone that takes decent pictures, incredibly useful for gauging an idea of successful composition just by taking a quick snap to a small screen. That, and it did a sterling job of playing me Corner Stone Cues’ Requiem for  Tower. Some might recognise the Requiem for a Dream track or the rest of the album as the soundtrack for most of Top Gear‘s Arctic special (yes the one where they drove around in the snow pissed on Gn’Ts…)…. But it did a great job is spurring me on drawing these battle scenes, perhaps Threshold captures it best. Increasingly music is becoming a more important factor in the energy of drawing and on this occasion it really helped me throw myself into the energy of the scene, so I’d be grateful for any recommendations, especially soundtracks that suit speed and energy?! Choral especially seems to inspire.