Butchers at Borough

Some people get a craving for bacon sandwiches, I get a craving to draw. After bakers and chefs, the fascination with men and food continues and once again, a subject that doesn’t keep still for a minute. I’m not sure what the attraction is but I lose myself in watching a mesmerising craft, I like that my hands are recording someone else’s at work. These are butchers at The Ginger Pig in Borough Market. They’re chopping up ribs, joints, and marrow bone (hence the serious saw). These are sketched within two minutes each because I wanted to push myself, but faster also because it was freezing and my fingers started to lock up! But, fortified by a large coffee from the conveniently close Monmouth, I went back for this bigger study as I was so taken by the stall’s flying pig sign. Reproduced at this size doesn’t quite do it justice, but it just happens to be one of thirty-three pictures on show from Friday at Town House in Spitalfields so come and take a closer look.