Merry Christmas from London

Seasons greetings to all, especially the new wave of subscribers that seem to have found me through Spitalfields Life! I seem to have an increasing number of people looking in on me from overseas, which is a surreal but nice thought. All the more reason to show off our capital… I’d had along day drawing and running around a kitchen and was on my way home from the City, just as the snow started to fall. Sometimes you turn a corner and London just slaps you in the face with her beauty…

This is the Monument, completed in 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire of London and to celebrate the rebuilding of the City. I was there for about half an hour sketching in the cold and snow as commuters around me sped through snow to reach trains. The snow mixed into my charcoal pencil and started to soak the page, hence this loose smudgy effect. I like that those snowflakes are now trapped in this paper forever, and the monument is as striking now as it must have been for the likes of Pepys, Dickens and all the others who have recorded this city before me.