Music Makers

It was delightful to meet many people at my little show in December who had found me via the Spitalfields Life blog. One was Peter, a cellist who kindly offered me the opportunity to come and sketch the Kensington Symphony Orchestra in rehearsal. So on Wednesday I braved a wet and windy cycle ride to exotic South Ken to watch. What a treat, it might as well have been a private concert for me, one in which I could move around and about the orchestra to draw, getting closer to the action and emerging myself into the thick of the music. But not easy to draw, recording them was a game of balancing the grateful poise with which they held themselves and their instruments, against trying to capture the fluidity and drama of their movement. As for musical instruments, a completely new set of anatomy to read. Drawing to live music also made a huge difference, the speed of my sketching changed in time with their tempo, and I found my pencil strokes flourishing in line with the flurry of strings. Here’s a few drawn from within the orchestra ranks, and then from the stage as they launched into Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 1. Gorgeous. You can see them in concert at Cadogan Hall on January 25th.