Gothic Galore

Regular readers may have noticed that I’m gradually getting back into drawing architecture. I’d been deliberately avoiding it as I tried to loosen up my style, but a combination of speedy drawings and night drawing made me keen to return to old buildings, my first love. I find interiors are the hardest of all subjects to capture and, therefore, all the more fun. Balancing haywire angles (I never sketch in perspective guide lines), a full spectrum of light and shades, and busy busy details is infuriating. But I love a bit of the old Gothic, and it’s been a while, probably not since visiting France, that I indulged in such gorgeous stones. So here are some interiors of two of London’s finest gems, where I’ve been trying pastels and charcoal pencils to loosen up. The first two are drawn at Southwark Cathedral, the last takes in around 270° as viewed from a choir bench at St Bartholomew the Great in Smithfield, sketched furiously in around an hour. I did fall into my old obsessive habit of drawing as much detail as I could on one page. But, so happy to be drawing in churches again, I’ve have promised myself I’ll go back, and take my time there, making more of the atmosphere. Both are always surprisingly quiet considering their surroundings, and well worth stealing into for half an hour if you can, leave your worries outside the solid wooden doors and just sit, enjoy the silence, and be.