More lakes: A day at the races

After a week labouring with paint we were treated to an afternoon at the races, at the beautiful course at Cartmel. After the silence of hills and fields it was disorienting to be among crowds and chaos, and in-between having a flutter and a glass or two of bubbly watching the races, I did some speedy sketches. I’d never been to see a race before, or seen, let alone drawn, a live horse. It was incredible. Here’s the view from the grandstand where we had a prime view of the finishing line. Then the show ring, where we allowed to go inside and see the horses up close. In-between races were given special access and crossed the course to watch from the side away from the crowds.Tthe third picture shows the race charging past. The fourth sketch shows the view from up the steward’s tower, you can see the show ring to the left, and to the right the race horses charging towards and over a water jump. Having got fed up with slow painting, it was a relief to be drawing and using ink at speed again, and, although a little sunburnt, tipsy, and high on winning a small windfall on my first bet, I relished feeling like a reportage artist for a couple of hours.