Pottermania at Trafalgar Square

Following on in the theme of reportage, a few sketches of the crowds at Trafalgar Square for the Harry Potter 7 premiere a few weeks ago. I had to fight my way through hordes of fans on the way to the National Gallery. I went to see some paintings, but couldn’t help but be impressed by the atmosphere and had to draw it from the gallery steps. This lot had already been camping out a day or two, and would wait another day or two, to see their favourite stars move along the red carpet. There was a great cheer as the security men allowed the keenest to move into the square itself, where they promptly lined the barriers with signs, flags, wizard hats and Hogwarts scarfs. I thought they were bonkers, but couldn’t help but admire their dedication. Behind the screen and skyline, you can see the grey clouds descending on London -they all slept in the rain under umbrellas that night. And in the foreground, fans penned in like cattle, or clusters of teenagers sitting, all busy on their mobiles phones or reading their Potter books.