Work on Walls

Phew! Absolutely exhausted after a busy few weeks selecting work for our two shows, and the epic task of packing up my studio. In the last few weeks I have learnt that I have acquired more art equipment in the last year than Van Gogh probably had in his short lifetime ( and that it just about squeezes into a VW Polo), how to budget a booze run to Asda for a private view, how to build and paint a partition wall in record time, and I’ve lost my voice for pretty much a week showing people around both shows and three viewings. But its very, very, satisfying. As for most of the year I’ve been simply popping my pictures into a portfolio, it was really special to line things up on the floor and see them together, and curate a wall. To see themes, patterns, obsessions, marry out of my pictures. They’re probably things that are obvious to everyone else, but I’m oblivious to as, well, like habits, they’re too close.

Open Studio at the Tea Building

The added novelty of showing my work alongside others’ was also a revelation. Everyone in my year had worked so hard, and yet despite the fact that we had shared lessons, tutorials, trips together, our work was more diverse than ever. I thoroughly recommend readers to catch our show at the gallery of the Prince’s Drawing School which runs until October 21st.

With all this going on I’ve not had the time to draw for a while, so my hands are itching! But meanwhile I’ve had a rather nice illustration commission from Spitalfields Music, for their Winter 2011 festival programme, which I’ve just had fresh from the printer. It was a very speedy but enjoyable job, and a lovely opportunity to combine my past drawings of musicians and love of the area, I like thinking that my drawings are on programmes scattered all over east London. It features a variety of concerts, ranging from free outdoor concerts in the Market, to orchestras in St Leonard’s, Shoreditch.