Four legs good

I’ve been drawing a lot of animals recently. It started with a great course at the school called ‘Man and Beast’ exploring the relationship between creatures and humans, and I’ve been rather hooked on fur and feathers since. I’m also smitten with our new addition, a little moggy by the name if Minnie (or ‘Meowie’, as she has become known for obvious reasons). Of course animals make rubbish models as they won’t sit still, but all the better to get me enjoying fluid lines again and trying to get as much character as possible in a simple sketch. And a bit more into horses, after being in at the deep end at Cartmel races last year. These equine lovelies are studies from Mudchute Farm riding school, the City of London police, and a few race horses from a stay on a stud farm this week. Plus a donkey, pony and even a foal, I’ve almost got the family covered, and so interesting to see the obvious, and subtle, differences in anatomy between them. I’ve not idea where to take these drawings, as they’re very much sketches, but the odd shapes and curves of animals, and such definite characters, are addictive to draw and so different to any other genre, I’ll have to do something with them…

A beautiful model and her whippets in the studio

not real sheep, but model sheep set up in a Samuel Palmer-like setting made… of broccoli!

Little boy and his dad looking at pigs, Spitalfields Farm

Rider and restless horse

Pigs at Mudchute Farm

Cos the horse

Little girl and goats, Mudchute Farm

Little Monkeys, London Zoo

Sheep in the shade, Sussex Downs

Bugsy the police horse

A race horse, Sussex

Donkey, Spitalfields Farm

Racing horses necking

Racing horse in a stable



Silverback Gorilla at London Zoo

Sleeping Tiger at London Zoo

Dozing Minnie