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Bayham Old Abbey, East Sussex

Sketches from Bayham Old Abbey     Studies for a print or painting

More lakes: A day at the races

After a week labouring with paint we were treated to an afternoon at the races, at the beautiful course at Cartmel. After the silence of hills and fields it was disorienting to be… Continue reading

En plein air

Just back from a trip with the school to the south of the Lake District, painting oils in the open -an entirely new experience!  The area, set around a large estuary, was beautiful,… Continue reading

Islay: The Angels’ Share

We found the residents of Islay rather happy about the aforementioned rain. It turned out that they’d had a dry season of several weeks and a drop in water levels, leading to some… Continue reading

North by Northwest: Islay

It’s been an epic few weeks and a lot of drawings to follow…  Over 500 miles away from home, a pilgrimage to the island of Islay off the west coast of Scotland with… Continue reading

Across the channel

Some sketches from a family trip to France. Much rambling through streets, eating of bready things, drinking, when we weren’t sheltering from a heat wave or thunder and lightning. This is Kate squeezing… Continue reading

Road trip to Cumbria

A brief look into the sketchbook and very quick recordings made last bank holiday. Doodling from the passenger seat, country roads and sunsets speeding past as we headed north, a cosy evening around… Continue reading


Following on from my earlier musings on Barbari’s partridges, some of my own studies of dead things. I had intended to draw this hare and bunnies in a game larder as a scene,… Continue reading

Winter’s day in Wiltshire.

Tagging along on a pheasant shoot in the west country. Drawing on the move and in the cold was a challenge, but inspired by the various poses the boys, young and old, hold… Continue reading