School Days

These are from a day’s drawing in a rather nice public school in west London. Aged around eight, these little boys don’t keep still for a minute, making them infuriating and fun to… Continue reading

Night Shift

These sketches were churned out between 1am-7am at St John’s Bread & Wine on Thursday. They’re barely finished so I am reluctant to share them all were I not keen to show the… Continue reading

Sugar and egg whites

My ambition is to draw every day. As life gets in the way, it’s not always easy but you can do a lot in ten minutes, or the 7/10/12 minutes it takes to… Continue reading

Return to Spitalfields

A warm welcome to those of you who’ve found me via this Spitalfields Life article. Slightly surreal but very flattering being interviewed about, well, myself! I hope to be tagging along with the… Continue reading

Culture Mouse visits the V&A

This picture is barely much bigger than it seems on screen, at just under 8×6 inches. I’ve done it deliberately small with a teeny 0.1 pen, to stop me taking too much time… Continue reading

Road trip to Cumbria

A brief look into the sketchbook and very quick recordings made last bank holiday. Doodling from the passenger seat, country roads and sunsets speeding past as we headed north, a cosy evening around… Continue reading

Wren & Hawksmoor

I finish my office job shortly and am gearing up for a busy summer of drawing, before starting the Prince’s Drawing School in September. Having the time and opportunity to draw more is… Continue reading

Drawings from before my time

Having gone to the Royal Academy to see the Sandby exhibition, I wasn’t massively impressed. But, if you find yourself at the RA anytime soon or at the Summer exhibition, do make a… Continue reading


Following on from my earlier musings on Barbari’s partridges, some of my own studies of dead things. I had intended to draw this hare and bunnies in a game larder as a scene,… Continue reading

House Beautiful

I’m proud to be informing interior design and home-making enthusiasts all the over the country this month with this double-page spread illustration in the latest edition of House Beautiful magazine. Hand-doodled from my… Continue reading