‘The Tempest’ and ‘King Lear’ at the Globe

Every year in summer I spend a couple of magical afternoons amid the mob of the Yard at the Globe Theatre. For an incredible £5 you get the best view (I think) of the action, as long as you can stand for three hours and bring several layers and a rain coat just in case. A couple of years back I reported on All’s Well that Ends Well and Dr Faustus. This last week I have been to The Tempest and King Lear (about to tour and absolutely worth catching). Here are some sketches.

Last time I was here I drew more of the architecture of the surroundings. But on these visits I was more interested in the actors, sorry I mean players, themselves. I have been drawing and painting a lot of portraits recently, which often involves people sitting still for a long time and thus having fairly blank faces. In fact, I think I’ve never actually had the opportunity to draw emotional faces before. The joy of these few hours drawing at the Globe is being caught up in so many emotions and expressions which are hard, and thrilling, to try and draw.  Focus, fury, madness, joviality, confusion, horror, are all on display as the players criss and cross the stage and Yard. I only wish I could sneak backstage and make some closer studies of all the interesting faces and characters! I’ll be back for more sketching over summer, many more plays to come…

The Tempest

Ariel copy

Colin Morgan as Ariel


James Garnon as Caliban


Roger Allam as Prospero


Roger Allam as Prospero

King Lear


Joseph Marcell as King Lear

StormKing Lear battles the storm


Rawiri Paratene  as the Duke of Gloucester (having had his eyes gouged out) Lear2King Lear stumbles around in his long johns, now mad, with Gloucester