Just back from Paris, a brief selection of drawings out and about. Warm weather, lots of squatting on the ground,  curious tourists peeping over my shoulder Sainte Marie is a beautiful baroque church… Continue reading

The Soane Museum

One of the most magical and intimate museums in London. The architect Sir John Soane’s house, museum and library at No. 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields has been a public museum since the early… Continue reading

Culture Mouse No.2 The British Museum

I’m interested in the interaction between people and objects, their scale (such as these Persian gate sculptures) or human-characteristics in artefacts (Egyptian mummies, roman sarcophagi). Next visit and I’m here with work in… Continue reading

Culture Mouse at the Horniman Museum

I was probably a tad ambitious when I set out to draw more of London in the New Year, funnily enough February was freezing. So I sought warmth in some of the Capital’s… Continue reading

Men in Uniform -no cameras miss!

There’s been a fair amount of press attention recently about photographer’s rights and members of the public snapping away… we’re all potential terrorists. Especially those architectural historians. Personally I’m been told off countless… Continue reading

Winter’s day in Wiltshire.

Tagging along on a pheasant shoot in the west country. Drawing on the move and in the cold was a challenge, but inspired by the various poses the boys, young and old, hold… Continue reading

London & Cambridge

Because you don’t want to see dusty old pictures… Recent wanderings in the capital including Trafalgar Square and Smithfield, near the office. And a ‘morning after’ record of a wonderful dinner c/o residents… Continue reading

Introduction to Printing

A good friend has introduced me to a printing workshop. For a few precious hours a week in a quiet basement we get covered in smelly inks and chemicals, when we’re not straining our… Continue reading


Welcome to my blog! Here begins a vague journal of a new (and overdue) ambition to do something with drawing. My website is almost complete, but meanwhile I hope that this will serve as a… Continue reading